2022 Summer Enrichment Program

Exciting adventures are coming to NPCA this summer!  We are preparing for our second annual “Summer Enrichment Program”. Our desire is to offer your family an enjoyable, educational, and economical experience to fight off those summertime boredom blues. 


NPCA will be holding an eight-week summer program during the

months of June and July. However, there will be one exception to

this schedule due to Wellspring's VBS, there will be no classes

the week of July 18th.


The first day of the summer program will be on June 1st, this week

will be a prorated rate. Classes will be held Monday through

Thursday from 9:00 - 3:00 pm. Drop-off will be from 8:30-9:00

and pick-up will be from 3:00-3:15 with no after-school care.

Familiar NPCA teachers and staff members will be working

the summer program. 


Registration is open to all current and incoming Kindergarten

through 6th grade NPCA families and local homeschool

communities. The current 2020-2021 grade level your student is

currently in will determine their class placement. For example: 1st-grade students will join the 1st-grade group.


There will be three summer groups: Kindergarten/1st grade, 2nd/3rd grade, and 4th/5th/6th grade. Students can attend two days or four days per week. Families are not limited to attending all eight weeks, you can choose to attend one week or all eight weeks. 


Pricing is as follows:

  • $35 one-time registration & supply fee per student

  • $80 per week/per student: T/TH attendance

  • $150 per week/per student: M-TH attendance

  • The initial payment is due May 23rd. Families can choose to pay for the program monthly or as a one-time payment for the entire 8-weeks. If paying monthly, payments are due May 23rd and June 27th. If making a one-time payment, the due date is May 23rd.


Due to the affordability of the summer program, there will be no sibling discounts. Families who register by April 15th will receive a FREE tie-dye NPCA summer t-shirt for each enrolled student! For anyone wanting additional T-shirts or for those wishing to purchase after the April 15th deadline, the cost will be $20 each.  


The summer program will be held in the "Family Life Center" located at Wellspring Church. The cafeteria, six classrooms, gym, and enclosed playground (coming soon!) will be utilized. Students will enjoy a thirty-minute lunch (parents will provide) in the cafeteria. An optional hot lunch will be provided twice a week. 


Students will travel between classes to get a unique, out-of-box experience. Each student will visit every class offered throughout the day. Classes within the rotation will include the following:

  • Cooking: Students will learn food preparation, measurements, kitchen safety, and have the opportunity to bake/cook simple desserts and snacks. Appliances used will include a microwave, toaster oven, waffle maker, donut maker, blender, and mixer. 

  • Arts and Crafts: Students will complete a different arts and crafts project each day. Projects will go home at the end of the day. Mediums will include drawing, painting, needlework, clay, chalk, and jewelry making.

  • Science: Students will find out how fun science can be without realizing they are learning, too! Experiments will be hands-on and interactive. 

  • Creative Writing: Students will practice and implement their creative writing skills. They will craft their stories like the great authors they read! The daily process will start with some lively brainstorming. Students will be introduced to various genres such as narrative essays, persuasive essays, short stories, poetry, and comic books. 

  • Math Facts and Games: Students will participate in engaging classroom math games, music and movement activities, and peer drills. This class will challenge even the above-average student! 

  • Geography Exploration: Students will map countries around the world and their cultures. Landforms, bodies of water, weather patterns, and location on a global map will be studied. The seven weeks will conclude with a study of the United States. 

  • Choir: Students will participate in singing, music, and movement. 

  • Chinese: Students will be introduced to the Chinese language, customs, crafts, and foods by our wonderful Chinese teacher, Mrs. Chang! 

  • Computer Keyboarding and Coding: Students will participate in learning how to use a computer, learn/practice tying using the home row keys, and begin the basics of computer coding/animation. 

  • Recess/P.E.: Students will participate in fun, engaging P.E. games and obstacle courses, along with music and movement.

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