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Tuition Policies

  • All payments to North Point Christian Academy are non-refundable.

  • A late fee of $35 will be added to payments not received by the third of every month.

  • Tuition payments are based on enrollment at NPCA, not attendance. Therefore, tuition payments are due in full regardless of illness, closures, vacations, or family emergencies. School holidays and scheduled breaks are already factored into the base tuition price. 

  • A 30-day written notice is required for all withdrawals from North Point Christian Academy, and all payments are due in full during that time. 


Tuition Schedule

  • The first tuition payment is due on July 25th for all students.

  • Tuition may be paid in full by July 25th to receive a family discount of 5% of the total amount due. Alternatively, tuition may be paid in ten equal installments, due on the 25th of every month (July - April). 

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