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About Us

Mission Statement

North Point Christian Academy was founded with one purpose: to build a Christian environment for all students to grow, learn and create with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop academically and personally to the highest level alongside our dedicated parents. We pray each student will leave NPCA with a strong moral compass and love for learning.


Statement of Faith

We hope to develop each student spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially with unprecedented excellence in a Christ-centered culture to take the Gospel throughout the world and pass it through to the next generation. Our purpose at North Point Christian Academy is to inspire and equip our students to serve God and love others, and we affirm these statements as the foundation of our faith within our school community:


  • We believe there is one God, Jesus Christ, who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who provides for and sustains all things.


  • We believe God has revealed Himself through creation, through Christ, and through the Bible.


  • We believe God created all things good, that sin has corrupted humanity and all of creation, that Christ came to redeem His world, and that He will return again.


  • We believe that the redemptive work of Salvation is by Faith alone in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ whose death on the cross and resurrection came from the grave. It is an individual’s decision to turn from their sin and follow Him that brings full restoration of our relationship with God.


  • We believe Christ’s disciples are called to love God, live Godly lives, proclaim the good news to the entire world, and be agents of renewal in a broken world.


  • We believe in the Holy Spirit who enables followers to live Godly lives and search continually for effective ways to renew creation.


  • We believe we are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ intentionally as led by the Holy Spirit.


  • We believe in assuring staff and students exhibit a maturing process of growing in wisdom to do the right things in accordance to God’s will, and to expect the Holy Spirit’s direct leading in response to one’s asking and receiving.


  • We believe in preparing students with the ability to recognize potential ethical dilemmas and make morally correct choices based on knowledge of professional codes of ethics, the ethical dimensions of professional practice, and the Word of God.


Spirit Days and Events

NPCA prides itself on balancing work and play. School-wide family events and spirit days build community and make learning more fun for all ages.

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Enrichment Classes

Each semester, NPCA partners with talented teachers and educational companies for the Friday Enrichment Program. Classes are open to NPCA students and families within the local homeschool community.

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Girls and boys playing basketball, running up the court.

Sports Program

Join this fun, inclusive after-school environment where students can learn and play their favorite sports, like basketball, soccer, track and field, volleyball, cheer and more.

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